look for a property in amsterdam

If you know your maximum mortgage and what kind of conditions you need to fulfill as an expat to buy a property, you can start looking at properties in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. There are two routes you can take while searching for your property: you will let a real estate agent look for a property that complies with your wishes, or you will search for properties yourself.


There are a few benefits contacting a real estate agent. Firstly, you’ll create a profile with your property wishes. This enables your agent to narrow down the search and only show you properties that suit your profile. And secondly, you do not have to keep an eye on all the housing listings yourself. As soon as your agent spots a property that ticks the boxes on your wishlist, he or she will contact you immediately.

The goal is for you to be able to go see the property on short notice. If you wait too long it may no longer be possible to view the property because it has been sold, or because the agenda of the selling agent is full.

Please note that there are fees involved when contacting a real estate agent. You can also check our package deal for a combination of mortgage advice and real estate advice where we will guide you from start to finish.


You can also look through specialized housing sites yourself. An example of a well-known housing site in the Netherlands is Funda. The moment you see a suitable property, you plan a viewing with the selling agent. He or she will show you the place and answer all questions about the property. You also get all relevant information about the property from the agency. The goal should be that you know everything about the specific property before you place a bid. Because of the agent’s knowledge about housing in the Netherlands in general and about the property, they can quickly see if there is an opportunity to negotiate about the price or conditions.

Found something? Time to place a bid

Have you found the property you would like to buy? Then it’s time to start the bidding process.


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