After you have signed the purchase contract for the property, you have between four to six weeks to get a mortgage (this will be specified in the contract). During these weeks we will help you to apply for the mortgage with the mortgage lender of your choice or, if you don’t know which mortgage is best for you, to find the best mortgage solution for you.


If you’ve contacted us before you started looking at properties, we’ve already discussed the possible mortgages and your maximum mortgage (see Determine your Budget). If you contacted us during the viewing or buying process, we will schedule a consultation to:

  • See if you can apply for the mortgage amount needed to buy the property
  • An indication of the monthly costs (gross and net) of your mortgage
  • You’ll receive calculations with different mortgage constructions available and different fixed terms on interest.
  • We will also discuss ways to mitigate potential risks, for example sudden unemployment, with insurances.
  • An overview of the conditions present and what you need to keep in mind
  • Contact the lender of your choosing and apply for the mortgage

We will discuss the lenders that are interesting for your situation in detail with you based on the conditions, interest and other characteristics that are important to you. After our meeting you will receive completely independent advice on which lender(s) meet your demands and situation best. If you’ve already consulted us before viewing properties, we can directly apply for a mortgage to the lender of your choosing.


If you’ve chosen the lender which best suits your personal situation, we need to get it approved by the lender. For your mortgage application we will need the following information from you (some lenders might require additional information):

  • Personal information (passport, residence permit etc.)
  • Personal financial information (employer’s declaration, salary specification, savings, loans etc.)
  • The property (signed contract, appraisal report, structural survey report)

If you’ve contacted us before you started looking at properties, we already have this information and can immediately proceed to the mortgage lender, who will then send you a final mortgage quote to sign.

Please note that it can take multiple days before the lender actually approves your application. Don’t wait until the last week to make your decision, since you could face an unplanned delay.


Did you receive approval from your mortgage lender? Congratulations! You can now become the official owner.


Are you ready for your future in the Netherlands? Let us know how we can help.