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Are you working in the Netherlands and looking for a house or apartment in Amsterdam?  The housing market in Amsterdam is crowded and can be very complex. Are you looking to purchase or rent? What kind of houses are available and how do you apply for them? Expats Amsterdam can help you get started. With our expertise, experience and housing portfolio we can provide the best solution for your question.

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In the current housing market it is difficult to find a home in the Netherlands, let alone its capital Amsterdam. If you want to purchase, you face a lot of competition from other buyers, which can cause properties to be sold before you can even view them. If you want to rent then the rents are often high and there are various demands from the homeowner regarding the tenant. 

However, with our large network of specialized brokers and properties in our portfolio, we can still help you find your home so you can enjoy living in the Netherlands in the coming years.

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We offer a wide range of services, from investigating your mortgage possibilities to applying for housing insurances. Do you wish to rent out your home? We’ve got you covered as well. Because of our broad perspective in the real estate and mortgage market we can advise you from start to finish. You can focus on finding or renting out your home, we take care of the rest.

For a complete overview of our services, please check out our package deal or contact us for a free first meeting.

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