Whether you are a first-time buyer, moving to another home or wish to buy to let, the vast range of mortgages available from lenders can seem like a mazeThe mortgage market in the Netherlands is very competitive so it can be difficult to understand the special deals and time-limited offers these lenders have on available. And which offer is the right one for you? No need to feel overwhelmed – we can help you with mortgage advice. 

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why a mortgage advisor?

If you visit a bank or building society directly, you are limited to a mortgage from their own product range. An independent mortgage advisor however will search the whole market to find the best mortgage solution suited to your wishes and needs. But we do more than that. We:

  • Have a few exclusive deals with lenders, not otherwise available
  • Know how each lender operates and if that suits your situation
  • Advise you on which deals you’re more likely to be accepted for, so you can apply with confidence
  • Help you with the application process
  • Liaise with the lender on your behalf
  • Deal with any problems that could cause unnecessary delays
  • Advise you on other financial products you might need alongside your mortgage such as life insurance or home insurance
  • Provide services which are tax deductible

Please note that some mortgage advisors are connected to a specific ‘panel’ which means they only have access to a select range of products from lenders they are affiliated with. Expats Amsterdam is an independent advisor who offers products from all mortgage lenders, so you get access to mortgages with the lowest interest rates and the best conditions. This way we can give you the mortgage advice that suits you best.

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How to get a mortgage in the Netherland as an expat

our process

In our process we can guide you every step of the way or, if you prefer, during a part of your property buying journey. We can give you mortgage advise before you even start looking for a property by showing you your maximum mortgage and mortgage solutions in a free consultation. However, if you’ve already bought a property and wish to rent it out, we can also help you find the right tenant.

Wish to know more about our mortgage advice services and how we work? Contact us for a free consultation or read our step-by-step guide to see what we add in every step of your journey.


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