Perhaps you are still interested in buying a property in the Netherlands. With the coronavirus this is made a bit more difficult but we notice that most house buyers are certainly not massively withdrawing at the moment.

Expats Amsterdam has mortgage and real estate advisors to guide you from the beginning to the purchase of your home, also during the Corona virus measurements. If you have any questions about the possibilities or wish to know how much profit you can make, please contact us.

How can you safely visit a house at this moment?

There are 2 options possible.

1 Remote house viewing

According to the current measures around the coronavirus the intention is to avoid social contacts as much as possible. The remote viewing via Whatsapp is now an excellent alternative to viewing a house. The question is: can you buy the house afterwards?

The answer is yes. There is no legal obligation to see the property in real-life, but keep in mind that as a buyer you do have an obligation to investigate. That is why it is wise to actually visit the house before you proceed with the final purchase.

How can you solve this in this day and age? After you have viewed the property remotely, you make an offer subject to a physical inspection. If the negotiations with the seller are successfully concluded, you will make an appointment to view the property. If the property is as expected, then the sale will go ahead. If this is not the case, you use the recorded reservation. This way you will only get together when it is really necessary.

2 Scheduling an appointment with an estate agent

In order to limit physical contact and to be able to observe 1.5 meters distance, we advise you to make the appointment with as few people as possible. That means you, the selling real estate agent and perhaps your buying agent.

This does not change much compared to viewings before the corona crisis, aside from the fact that you will not visit the house at the same time as a large group of other buyers.

We wish you good luck and health during these times,

Team Expats Amsterdam