Yes. There are several possibilities to get a mortgage with a temporary contact. These possibilities also apply when you are an expat and come to live in the Netherlands. In this article I tell you more about these possibilities.


Mortgage with temporary contract through employer’s statement of intent

If your employer can supply you with a letter of intent indicating that you will be offered a permanent contract after the temporary employment, then you can apply for a mortgage. There are no restrictions in this situation, so the mortgage application is treated as if you were in permanent employment.

As of October 2020, there has been a significant change to the letter of intent. The employer now has the option to indicate that the temporary contract will be followed up with a new temporary contact instead of a permanent contract.

Click here to see the employer’s statement that must be filled out including the statement of intent.


Mortgage based on a temporary contract or for a flex worker

If you work over 3 years in the Netherlands, then you can apply for a mortgage with the annual statements of these past years. The lender takes the average salary to determine the amount of the mortgage. If the 3rd year is lower than the average, only the 3rd year is taken as income.

If you are currently earning less than average, the current income will be taken as the income to determine the maximum budget for your mortgage.


Applying for a mortgage with an income statement from paid employment

Have you worked as an employee in the Netherlands in the past 12 months? Then you can use the UWV income statement to determine your income. (UWV is a Dutch employee insurance administration office) More and more lenders accept the calculated income based on the UWV message. An employer’s statement is no longer necessary to submit. Only a pay check will be required.

Click here to download your insurance report. Only a mortgage consultant can indicate the amount you can borrow based on this notice and your pay check.

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