It’s the last stretch: you signed the purchase contract and got approval from your mortgage lender to buy the home. The notary will now officially transfer ownership of the property to you so you can sign the sign the papers and receive the keys.


In the Netherlands it is obligatory to transfer the ownership of a house in the Netherlands through a civil-law notary. The civil-law notary is impartial en will ensure the buying process will be according to law for both you and the seller. Expats Amsterdam will accompany you to the notary to interpret if necessary to ensure there are no questions left regarding the contract of purchase before signing it. The civil law notary will take care of:

  • Drawing up the contract of sale is this hasn’t been done yet by the real estate agent of the seller
  • Drawing up the deed of delivery for the property
  • Drawing up the mortgage deed for the property
  • Registering the property in the public registers
  • Transfer the funds between the parties (the guarantee for example).


We noticed many expats have questions about the guarantee as part of the buying process in the Netherlands. The guarantee is a percentage of the property price you’ll pay to the notary as a down-payment. Usually this comprises of 10% of the purchase price of the property, which can be paid to the notary’s third-arty account if you have sufficient liquid assets. We can also arrange a bank guarantee on your behalf, which will cover the 10% down-payment for you.

We check the statement of completion of the notary on behalf of our clients.


The last step to become the owner: sign the purchase contract. This contract contains information about the property, the price as agreed upon by you and the seller, the obligations of both you and the seller, the date of transfer of ownership and the guarantee.

Upon request by the civil-law notary, the mortgage lender you choose will transfer the money to the notary’s third-party account. The notary provides you with a statement of settlement in which the exact cash flows are stated.

Finally, you sign the deed(s) at the notary’s office and the financing (and sale) is finalised. We can also be present at this ocassion, not only to ensure the last part of the buying process is completed perfectly, but also to congratulate you. You are now the proud owner of a property in the Netherlands!


Congratulations! You are the owner of a property in the Netherlands. Our service does not stop here however.
From tax refunds to buy to let: we can assist you with the next steps.


Are you ready for your future in the Netherlands? Let us know how we can help.